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Dr. Paul Warren

Dr. Paul Warren

Suppose you are a family with a child or children that have learning differences. A number of private schools are available, but none that fit the unique needs of your son or daughter. Public education presents its own challenges with its sheer size and difficult criterion for services. What would you do?

The late Dr. Paul Warren, a nationally renowned behavioral pediatrician, and the leaders of Christ Church Plano pondered this question many years ago…and the answer was the beginning of St. Timothy Academy. When the doors opened on August 9, 2006 it was the realization of a 20-year-long dream for Dr. Warren. He passed away just 2-1/2 months later. St. Timothy is the school that hope built!

Dr. Warren had a dream of a school…

…where children can learn regardless of their differences
…where each child is accepted for the divine fingerprint he/she is
…where moms and dads receive support and encouragement
…where the infinite wisdom and manifold mercies of God are made manifest

After Dr. Warren’s death, some had concerns that perhaps the vision and mission of the school would change. At the fundraising banquet the following February, Dr. Warren’s son said this in a touching tribute to his dad:

My dad’s great love for children and for everyone in his life was only a “reflection” of the surpassing love of God for all of his children. My dad was a reflection of the Lord’s grace and compassion, a reflection of Christ’s humility and gentleness.

My dad’s great love was not his own special quality that he stirred up and developed within himself. It was not his own. Sure, behind his love was plenty of training and education and experience and a wonderful heart. But ultimately that great love was a gift from God given by God to reveal His own heart and character through my dad.

So in the midst of incredible grief and loss and sadness our assurance is that these qualities which so many, and chiefly my mom and I, cherished about my dad did not go away when he did. The love that he was reflecting is eternal. It is perfect and unchanging, and the love that my dad was able to share with others was meant to draw us all closer towards that perfect, unchanging, eternal love of God our Father.

In the same way, Dad’s dream and vision for St. Timothy was not his own, but was planted and nurtured and ultimately realized by God Himself. Dad had the heart for the children served and cared for by St. Timothy, but God has that heart perfectly and eternally. He cares for the children of St. Timothy, along with all children, infinitely more than any of us, including my dad, could ever strive to. And for that reason the dream and the vision and the heart of St. Timothy does not go away when my dad does. It rests with God our Father—perfect, unchanging, and eternal. Thanks be to God for that.

Matthew Warren

"For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and self-discipline." — 2 Timothy 1:7

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St. Timothy Christian Academy is on the campus of Prestonwood Baptist Church – 6801 W. Park Blvd., Plano, TX 75093

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